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Dedicated professionals since 2017!

Dedicated Professionals Since 2017!

Dryer Vent Tech serves the residents of Nashville, TN and all surrounding areas with superior quality dryer vent maintenance services including dryer vent cleaning, repairs, installation, reroutes and more. Dryer Vent Tech was first founded in August of 2017 by Jacob Mills.

Company Mission

To provide safe, code compliant and affordable dryer vent maintenance solutions to each and every customer we service with nothing but their total satisfaction achieved each and every time.

Company Vision

To serve the residents of Nashville and all surrounding areas with honesty, kindness and a level of dedication that brings the best dryer vent solutions to our community for years to come!

Business License Number #1001134219

Dryer Vent Tech

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We Work For You

It’s simple. We’ve found that providing our customers with nothing but the most honest, valuable, safe and affordable solutions is not only right but also fulfilling. Sure the money is great too. But we find our true fulfillment in helping our customers. So our secondary mission is simply to find more customers to help! 

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Thank you for your support and as always…”don’t let your dryer start a fire!”

We provide professional dryer vent cleaning for the following areas surrounding Nashville: