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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Nashville TN

Dryer Fires, Mold Build Up and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Are Serious Risks of Dirty Dryer Vents.

Dryer Vent Tech is your go to source for everything related to dryer ventilation system maintenance. We are a fully insured, five-star rated company providing comprehensive dryer vent cleaning in Nashville TN and all surrounding areas. Proper dryer vent maintenance is vital to the safety of your home and ensures there are no hazards related to poorly kept dryer duct systems.

Although there are many risks involved with poor dryer duct maintenance, most Americans are still unaware of the dangers lurking in their dryer vent. Experts say it is important to get professional dryer duct cleaning done at least every 12-18 months to avoid fires, mold buildup and more…

The hazards of lint build up in dryer ventilation systems is becoming more known to the public thanks to a few credible news networks that are shedding light on the issue. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, each year over 15,000 dryer fires cause over 30 deaths, and many times more injuries. You can read more about these statistics here. In addition to these unfortunate casualties, these fires result in over $200 million in damages to property each year. The leading cause of dryer fires are clogged dryer vents, with lint being the main culprit of starting the fires. Our professionals at Dryer Vent Tech are skilled at thoroughly cleaning your vents and removing any blockages of lint and debris that could potentially cause a fire.

Dryer Vent Tech can help you maintain your dryer duct on an annual basis at an affordable price. We offer professional maintenance services that cover all possible areas of dryer vent upkeep including: 

There are many benefits of keeping a well serviced dryer vent. When you properly maintain your dryer vent you can save as much as $30 each month in energy costs and you greatly lower the risk of dangerous mold and carbon monoxide poisoning which can both pose serious health threats to you and your family. And then of course the biggest risk of a dryer vent fire is eliminated with proper cleaning on an annual basis. Read more about the risks involved below.

The Main Risks Of Poor Dryer Vent Maintenance

Efficiency Decrease

It is estimated that about 75 percent of the lint from your clothes bypasses your lint trap and accumulates inside your dryer duct. This restricts airflow, decreases the efficiency of your dryer and increases the time it takes to dry your clothes.

Fire Hazard

The lint that builds up inside your dryer duct over time causes your dryer to over heat during each cycle. This heat can begin to intensify if the blockage is not removed and can eventually cause your dryer to start a fire. There are an average of 15,000 home fires, each year, caused by clogged dryer vents in the U.S. alone.

High Electricity Bills

Clogged dryer vents cause your dryer to work harder and longer to properly dry your clothes. The longer your dryer runs the higher your electricity bill. You can easily save up to $40 each month by simply getting your dryer vent cleaned each year.

Health Risk

Clogged dryer ducts cannot facilitate the proper ventilation of carbon monoxide, a deadly gas. A poorly maintained vent also produces the perfect environment for mold build up which can be very damaging to your health over time.

How we get things done

We utilize a simple 5 step process.

Quick Inspection

We Carefully Inspect Your Entire Dryer Vent and Make Sure There Are No Hazardous Complications!

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Set up Cleaning Equipment

After Inspecting Your Dryer Vent, We Set up Our Cleaning Equipment We Don't Waste Time!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Next We Thoroughly Clean Your Dryer Vent Either From the Outside in Or The Inside Out Depending on Your Set up!

Exterior Vent Cover Cleaning

Then We Carefully Remove Lint From Your Exterior Vent Cover Whether it's Located on the Ground Level or on Your Roof!

Airflow Test/Clean Up

The Last and Final Step is to Test the Airflow Efficiency Of Your Dryer Vent to Insure it is in Proper Working Condition. Then We Clean up!


Our Clients Love Us!

"If I could rate Jacob more stars I would! He was so nice, knowledgeable, honest, and did an incredible job. I called him this morning and was able to get an appointment for this afternoon. I will only be using Jacob for my dryer vent cleaning, repairs, etc. 10/10, would do again."
Dryer Duct Installations in davidson county
Emily Randalow
"Jacob and Tyler were great! They were able to pinpoint our problem straight away with their high tech equipment! They were super friendly, and their prices were very reasonable. I would highly recommend them to the Google verse or anyone else I know! You guys rock!"
Nashville Dryer Duct Cleaning
Jason Lingard
They were efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Great price with no hidden fees or unexpected charges.
Eric Kawaler

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