Dryer Vent Tech provides all of the services you need to keep your dryer vents in tip top shape year-around. We take care of all types of vents at various levels and provide installation services as well as comprehensive repairs.

Our services are available in Nashville TN and surrounding areas.

Our services include:

Comprehensive Dryer Vent Inspections
If you just moved into a home that was previously owned and/or you’re not sure when the last time your dryer vent was cleaned. We recommend getting your dryer vent inspected as soon as possible.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
We are experienced with thoroughly cleaning every inch
of your dryer vents with professional grade cleaning tools and processes. We will have your dryer vent as good as new in no time! We recommend getting your dryer vent thoroughly cleaned at least once a year to decrease the risk of a fire and to save money on your energy bill.

Exterior Vent Cover Installations
Having a properly installed exterior vent cover is important. Your dryer vent needs to be properly protected from various objects and animals that can be a potential clogging hazard. We install the best quality of exterior vent covers that protect your vent from numerous clogging hazard such as leaves, birds, and other debris.

Booster Fan Installation
Booster fans are useful if you have vents that are too long or have too many bends. If you have very long vents there is a good chance you will have a greater build up of lint in your vent. A durable booster fan will facilitate proper airflow throughout the vent preventing lint from building up near the end.

Dryer Vent Rerouting
If you have a dryer vent that improperly ejects lint inside the house, garage etc. this can be a huge fire hazard. We can help by rerouting your dryer vent to a safe exterior location.

Dryer Vent Repair
Over time, dryer vents develop wear and tear. If you have a dryer vent that is broken of has tears it can cause a variety of issues from inefficiency causing higher energy bills to increased fire hazards. We repair problematic dryer vents by fixing joints, ducts and hangars. We ensure all repairs will meet current codes.

Bird Nest Removal
Sometimes nature runs it’s course and as a result you end up with a bird’s nest clogging your dryer vent. No problem! We no just how to safely remove any birds and their nest with no hurt or harm done to the lovely little creatures in the process.

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