how we clean dryer ventsOur dryer vent cleaning process is a simple and effective process that thoroughly cleans your dryer vent from the beginning to the end. We start from the outside with a circular brush, 4 inches in diameter (to perfectly fit the inside of your vent) and work our way to the back of your dryer while blowing all of the hazardous lint out every inch of the way.

Here are the steps we take to ensure we leave your dryer vent completely clean and pristine:

  1. Quick Inspection – The very first step we take, as soon as we show up and politely introduce ourselves, is to take a quick look at the transition duct behind your dryer. We make sure the aluminum vent is properly connected to the dryer exhaust outlet and check for any damages to the ducting.
  2. Set up Cleaning Equipment – After we’ve checked to make sure your vent is properly connected to your dryer, we will set up our tools outside and prepare to clean your dryer duct starting from the exterior vent first. At this point we will remove any exterior vent covers, bird protectors, and/or vent louvres that may block access to the inside of the dryer vent.
  3. Clean the Vent From the Outside in – Now it’s time to begin cleaning. We use a circular brush, 4 inches in diameter, to thoroughly clean your vent from the outside exterior vent all the way to the very back of your dryer. While we clean, we either use a shop vac blower, attached to inside venting behind the dryer, or set the dryer to a timed dry to blow the lint out as we make our way in with the brush. We utilize extension rods to match the full length of your vent and ensure a thorough clean each time.
  4. Inspect/Clean From the Inside Out – After we’ve thoroughly cleaned your vent from the outside in, we will check to see if there is sufficient airflow. Next we come inside, unhook the transition duct attached to your dryer and make sure there are no pockets of lint that are stuck to the end of the duct work. If necessary we will clean the vent, once more from the inside out. Many times this will need to be done if there are 90 degree bends in the dryer vent system.
  5. Clean Up/Pack Up – Now that your vent has been professionally cleaned, our work is just about done. Last but not least, we make sure your dryer vent is securely reconnected to your dryer, and clean up any excess lint behind the dryer and outside near the exterior vent. Once everything is clean and pristine, we pack up our tools and equipment. All done!

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