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Dryer Vent Tech is one of the highest rated, fully insured, full services dryer vent cleaning and maintenance companies in Franklin TN. We are driven by customer satisfaction and high quality, safe and effective services that you can rely on to make your home a safer place.

Dryer Vent Tech is a small family owned and operated company based in Nashville TN with the experience and expertise required to deliver the best quality of service for the most affordable prices in Franklin Tennessee.

Each and every year an average of 15,000 home fires occur as a result of poor dryer vent maintenance. We want to do our part in improving that terrible statistic and giving each one of our customers the peace of mind and assurance of a safer household for their family. You can depend on us to stand behind our mission with great dedication and commitment.

Experts recommend getting your dryer vent cleaned at least once every other year to ensure a safe, lint free dryer duct. For more information please visit our home page and watch the special 5 minute news segment about the dangers that can result from neglecting to properly maintain this small but important part of your home.

What are a few signs that you need your dryer vent cleaned?Franklin Tennessee

  • Your dryer is taking too long to sufficiently dry your clothes.
  • Your laundry room gets really hot and humid while your dryer is on.
  • Your dryer cuts off in the middle of a load.
  • You notice little to no airflow coming out of your exterior vent.
  • You haven’t had it cleaned in a couple of years.

If you’ve experience any of the above warning signals, give us a call today at 615-455-2313

Over the time we’ve been in business, we’ve encountered all types of scenarios and tricky situations. Whether it’s a birds nest or a dangerous code violation, we can provide a safe solution and resolve your problem.

We are a full service dryer vent maintenance company and provide a wide range of services including:

  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Dryer vent installation
  • Dryer vent repair
  • Dryer vent rerouting
  • Exterior vent cover installation
  • Booster fan installation
  • Bird nest removal

Most of our customers simply need professional dryer vent cleaning and some have much more complicated problems with their dryer ventilation system. If you’re not sure if your dryer vent is up to code or you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or fill out our form below.

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We look forward to providing five star rated services to you and your family with a smile and a firm handshake!